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How do you become a member of Partnership for Global Justice?

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The Partnership for Global Justice provides educational programming to promote global citizenship and global spirituality, both at UN Headquarters in New York and reaching out to the world community.

The Partnership collaborates with other organizations to provide resources to expand global understanding and promote justice.

The Partnership recognizes that this is a time of transition to a global society and we are called to place the history, tradition, gifts and resources of the Christian Community at the service of the global family. As a community of believers, we commit ourselves to leadership within the movements of our time.

The most critical need of the human family is to create the moral and political will to develop global governance systems that support political security, social integration, economic equity and environmental protection.

Because national governments are not designed to serve global priorities, they cannot lead the way.

Today, civil society organizations are uniquely positioned for leadership. In particular, religious orders and other faith-based organizations, with their global networks of people and institutions and their professed commitment to a just world order, can take the lead in the creation of the next phase of civilization.

Will we rise to the challenge?

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