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2010 Annual Meeting


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Partnership for Global Justice PROGRAM:

Spirituality in the Global Village
In a time of Paradox, a Spirituality of Paradox

As the strange becomes familiar and the known surprising, we are rapidly creating a new world.  Distance and limitations are fast disappearing.

  • What are the challenges and possibilities offered by the current process of globalization – a process which is progressively eroding boundaries, differences and traditions?
  • What response does this new world call for and what form of spirituality can motivate, sustain, and refresh global citizens as they labor for global justice?

This program will involve presenter and participants in listening and dialogue, attempting to respond to such significant questions for our world today.

Topics of the Workshop

This workshop is designed to provide a reflection on the current global situation and the spirituality it demands. Using prayer, discussion, exercises, film, and lecture, we will address:

  • Current World Situation:
    • Poverty and wealth; pollution, conflict and inequality
  • Catholic Social Teaching (optional)
  • Emerging Vision of Connectedness:
    • Science, politics, ecosystems, religion, spirituality
  • Obstacles to Insight
  • Spirituality for a Global Citizen
  • Action for Justice: personal and communal
  • Working with the United Nations (optional)

For whom is this program designed?

  • Anyone who feels overwhelmed or pressured by the immensity of the global task of justice.
  • Those involved in justice and peace ministry who experience a desire or a need to nourish a spirituality which supports the justice ministry.
  • Anyone who desires to connect the experience of living in today’s global village with the challenge of living as spiritual citizens rooted in the presence of God.
  • Men and women members of religious congregations, social justice committees, parish groups, campus ministry groups, faculty

Workshop will take place at your venue. The host community will be responsible for inviting participants and for providing adequate meeting space for the group.

Time Frame: 1 to 5 days workshop or retreat  format –negotiable

Cost: Transport and  accommodations for speaker.  Honorarium negotiable.

For further information please contact

Partnership for Global Justice
Atten. Marie Elena Dio, SC

211 East 43rd Street, Suite 708
New York, NY 10017
(Tel) 212 682-6481

Workshop Facilitator:

Marie Elena Dio, SC  has recently completed 8 years as NGO representative for the Elizabeth Seton Federation at the United Nations where she concentrated on issues of poverty: Social Development, Status of Women, Financing for Development, Sustainable Development.

She is presently representing the Dominican Leadership Conference at the UN in the area of Financing for Development. Marie Elena is on the Board of Partnership for Global Justice/Partnership for Global Justice.

This program is sponsored by

Partnership for Global Justice/
Director: Lucianne Siers, OP
211 East 43rd Street, Suite 708
New York, NY 10017

Phone: 212 682-6481
FAX: 212 682-8013
Workshop Pricing