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2010 Annual Meeting


How do you become a member of Partnership for Global Justice?

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Mission Statement

Partnership for Global Justice is a network of religious congregations, other groups and individuals grounded in Gospel values. We stand in solidarity with those who are oppressed, foster justice for earth, and reverence the diversity of world cultures. Therefore we commit to develop a global consciousness through educational programs, advocacy and participation with the United Nations.

We commit ourselves

  • To stand in solidarity with the suffering of those on the underside of history by joining oppressed peoples in their struggle for justice and working for equitable global systems,
  • To live in kinship with nature by promoting earth literacy and working for ecological sustainability,
  • To promote the wisdom of all cultures and traditions by educating for global citizenship and providing basic education for all,
  • To participate in a movement from separation to communion by facilitating communion among the world's faith traditions and developing and fostering a global spirituality.